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We designed the next generation 3D X-Ray System, with non-planar orbital movements.

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BMBF public funded research project ORBIT

ORBIT - the Open 3D X-ray system - is easy manageable and allows fast image acquisition during surgical interventions. 

ORBIT distinguishes itself from previous 3D X-ray systems by dissolving the rigid connection of X-ray source and detector. The X-ray source moves freely and flexibly above the patient while the image intensifier is integrated in the OR-table. Novel 3D image acquisition methods enables a significantly better control of the procedure.

The ORBIT technology developed by Charité and Fraunhofer has the potential to renew xray/imaging as we know it for centuries. Its the first system not operating in one single planar rotation, rather using an orbit-movement to acquire images from different views.


• Image acquisition 

• Non-planar movements

• robotics control and interactions

Supported by BMBF grant 13EZ1115, ORBIT has been carried out from 2010 to 2014 by Fraunhofer and Charité and is currently conducted by Charité.

Contact: Erwin Keeve