Fachgebiet Navigation und Robotik 

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Navigation and Robotics Laboratory – Your R&D-Partner in Image-Guided and Robotic Surgery

The Navigation & Robotics Lab focuses on intra-operative imaging, image-guidance and minimal-invasive therapy.

A major challenge of our research is to develop new technology making 3D-imaging available and manageable within the operating room. This concept demands a strategic shift in the focus of medical imaging from diagnosis to therapy in order to overcome current limitations. Bridging the gap between academia and industry we transfer our outcomes to the market by creating start-ups and new business units.

Our business is contract research, either in cooperation with industrial companies or through public-funded research grants. You might want to study our previous public-funded projects, which are published at Research, while we don't disclose industrial cooperations.

One major aspect of our lab is to perform technical as well as clinical feasibility studies. Therefore we run our own operating room – the Robotics-OR – used in daily clinical routine by various surgical teams.